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happy birthday to me

today we’ll see kisumi

he looks like a cutie

…..a cute strawberry!

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"Talking to you gives me a headache."

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  • nezumi: shion, listen, we're about to see some fucked up shit, this is about to be fucked up, we're going to fuck so much shit up, but no matter how fucked up this gets i dont want you to get fucked up okay dont fuck up
  • shion: what

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Occasionally you'll find athletes like him.


Hello and sorry for the lack of update these days. I’m kinda feeling under the weather constantly ahaha…. Have some stupid couple shirt and Kuroko being kind of a jerk to his bf, as usual.

It’s love.


Original: 月カネ詰め 
Artist: Aaa
Translation: steppingoncellphones
Translated and posted with artist's permission.


more tamakyo because i’m trash. (more ouran text post edits)